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We have a great selection of beers on tap. Take a look below to see our current list, and join us soon to taste for yourself.  We're constantly brewing new beers so stop back often to check out our latest offering to the world of beer!

                     STUPID GOOD

6.6 % ABV     60 IBU

This North East IPA is brewed with a blend of American and Australian hops.  Juicy, hazy & back better than ever.  This is our signature beer.  It's so good it's Stupid Good!

              HUMAN ANIMAL

7.5% ABV   35 IBU

A thick sweet Stout conditioned on peanut butter.  LOTS of roasted goodness from the peanut butter, balanced by sweet chocolate notes from the malts. *Probably Contains Peanuts* 

                 PAT MCKROTCH

6.3% ABV     70 IBU

This North East style IPA has a smooth, medium body mouthfeel & looks like a hazy peach juice.  Aslight bitterness originates from the massive whirlpool and dry hop additions.


5.1% ABV        27 IBU

An English Pub Ale that boasts a tasty bouquet of caramel and toffee.  Single hopped with East Kent Hops, this brew as a floral  and herbal Noble hop finish (low bitter, high aroma)


5.25% ABV     24.5 IBU

A light German Pilsner.  This is a light bodied & highly carbonated golden beer.  A refreshing crisp taste is complimented by a flavor of toasted crackers.


8% ABV     65 IBU

This Hazy DIPA has Citrus, Galaxy & Nelson Sauvin hops that meld into a delicious combo of grapefruit, tropical citrus, passion fruit, white wine & gooseberry.

                      ILL INTENT

8% ABV       60 IBU

A double IPA with ill intentions.  Mosaic ops create a clean aroma of berries & herbal pine, complimented by peach and passion fruit flavor from the Galaxy hops.

                NIGHT MOVES

5% ABV     23 IBU

This English Brown Porter has Owly Coffee Co. espresso which lends delightfully bold notes to both taste and aroma.  Soft vanilla bean flavors mingle with a light to medium body.

            GREEN LIGHTED

5.5% ABV

Brewed with Mecca Estate malts from Oregon.  Step mashed & hopped with Mosaic hops. This clear, amber beer is malty and sweet.


6.5% ABV     5 IBU

A Plump smoothie sour slam packed with pineapple, mango & peach.  *contains lactose*


7% ABV     5 IBU

Tangerine, tropical punch and marshmallow make for a refreshing, not too tart pastry sour.


7.5% ABV          36 IBU

A jet back ale with a tan head that emits the aroma of roasted chocolate.  Made with crushed Oreos and lactose sugar, this stout conveys a medium to full body.


Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Sprite, Mountain Dew, juice boxes & sparkling water.  Hot cocoa, hot tea & coffee now available too!